Track Rules

General Rules

    1. We do enforce a NO FAULT RULE. If you are involved in a caution or are the cause of the caution you will go to the tail.
    2. Stop on track go to the rear.
    3. The car that causes the yellow gets the penalty.
    4. Top three cars heat races, Top five cars in A main event goes directly to the scales.
    5. Pit stops or repairs performed during an event must be done in the designated area, do not block travel lane. Water available on work road.
    6. Pit speed 5mph. Zero tolerance. Race cars, pit vehicles, etc.
    7. Owners are responsible for every one associated with the race team.
    8. Respect all other race teams.
    9. Verbal/Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in a $100.00 + fine.
    10. Malicious/Rough driving will result in a $250.00 + fine.
    11. Tech area is designated for tech man, driver and 1 crew member only, no tolerance. There is to be no family, car owners etc. in this area. NO TOLERANCE! If this rule can not be followed the driver and car will be DQ from racing event (if there are any problems the car owner will be notified) and $100 Fine per person.
    12. When your driver wins his or her feature and you are in the pits, if you want to take feature winner picture you are to walk all the way around to the grandstands and go on the track at flag stand. There is to be NO ONE crossing the track in turns 1,2,3 or backstretch. If you are caught crossing the track in an area that is not designated your driver will be DQ, Fined or both.
    13. You are to line up in the designated spot in your heat or feature lineup. If you are late and don’t make it to your line up spot and the cars are being rolled onto the track you will start in the rear of that race. You are not to fall in the back of another heat race, you either are lined up for the one you are designated to be in or you go to the tail of your feature.
    14. If you go to another drivers pit area in an unsportsman like manner, you will be fined and DQ for the night.
    15. There will be a 2 spin rule. If you are involved in causing 2 cautions you will be black flagged in that racing event.
    16. All starts are double file until 5 laps remaining. If class cannot complete 1 lap in several restarts, race director can choose to go single file.
    17. If any car goes into the pits or infield prior to start of any heat or feature race, upon reentering race track car will start at the rear of such race.
    18. As of April 2013 raceceivers are mandatory in all classes. If you are caught running on a race event with out a raceceiver you will be automatically DQ’d for the night.
    19. Turns 1 and 2 are designated for cars coming on and off the track. At no time are spectators, pit crews, etc. allowed to be standing in the opening areas of these two turns. The first time you are caught standing in the areas you will be asked to move the second time you will be asked to leave. Please this is for everyone’s safety, PLEASE STAND IN THE DESIGNATED AREAS FOR FANS!!!
    20. If you are not lined up by the time your heat or feature is being rolled onto the track you will start at the tail of said event. If you do not make it out for your designated heat race you will have to start at the tail of feature. You will not be allowed to fall at the tail of another heat race.
    21. Racing 5 point harness (belts) need to be 2020 or newer. No open face helmets allowed. Helmet’s must be Snell approved and must be 2005 or newer.
    22. All competitors that compete for the year must race a minimum of 75% of the seasons schedule races to qualify to be paid at year end points banquet. North Florida Speedway reserves the rights to determine which classes shall be included in year end pts event.
    23. At any point in the racing season if driver, crew member, family, etc. associated with driver disrespects or personally attacks (verbally or physically) any track officials or anyone associated with track in person or on any out look of social media. The track has the authority to DQ driver, band driver and said persons from participating in any racing events with North Florida Speedway, enforce a fine (amount is based on severity of action) and if driver is running for points, track has the authority to void any accumulated points for the season. So please we all don’t agree with everything that happens, but think before you or someone associated with you takes it out in the wrong way. Track officials are here for you to stay after and talk with them or contact them during the week via email or phone. We are all here for one thing and that is to race and have fun!
    24. No drinking of alcoholic beverages in the pit area prior to or during any racing event. NO TOLERANCE! All laws pertaining to narcotics will be strictly enforced. Anyone suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be turned over to the Sheriff’s department for further evaluation. There is no insurance coverage for anyone under the influence of alcohol or narcotics if they are injured.
    25. Points break down: (all pts go to driver)
      1. Heats (you must start to receive pts)
        1st 10 6th 5
        2nd 9 7th 4
        3rd 8 8th 3
        4th 7 9th 2
        5th 6 10th 1
      2. Feature (you must start to receive pts)
        1. 1st 50 7th 38 13th 26
          2nd 48 8th 36 12th 24
          3rd 46 9th 34 13th 22
          4th 44 10th 32 14th thru 24th 20
          5th 42 11th 30
          6th 40 12th 28
    27. FIGHTING in the pits or on the track will not be tolerated. You will be disqualified, fined, suspended, or any combination thereof. Anyone entering a pit area other than his own, should a disturbance occur, said party not in his or her pit area will be considered to be at fault.
    28. All drivers assumes responsibility for his or her pit area and the actions of his or her pit crew and or guests in every respect. In any and all matters pertaining to the race, the driver shall be the sole spokesman for his or her car owner and pit crew.
    29. No awards, point money, or admittance will be given until fines are paid. No car or driver will be allowed to compete in any event until all fines are paid in full in cash.
    30. ALL cars MUST have front and rear hook ups.
    31. In order to collect end of year points, monies, or trophies the driver must be present at the banquet.
    32. In all classes, during a feature event. The leader of said feature will be protected on the last two laps.