The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATIONS OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND OR REGULATIONS. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.

The race director shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his/her opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.


In the rules set forth below, if it is not stated then you CAN NOT do it. Anything else will NOT be allowed and will result in disqualification from the nights events.

A. Type of car or chassis you can use.
1. Any American made production 2 or 4 door sedan.
2. No high performance cars, NO station wagons, NO convertibles, NO rear engines, NO mid engines.
3. NO high performance parts.
4. NO front wheel drives.
5. NO all wheel drives.
6. May use steering quickner.

B. Chassis
1. Chassis must remain completely stock for make, model and year except for the following options.
2. 101 inch wheel base minimum
3. ROLL CAGE: Minimum 4 point cage, must be welded to frame, minimum 1.5 inch 0.95 wall tubing. Must have four (4) bars in driver door and minimum of three (3) bars in passenger door. You may gut both doors.
4. May run bars to front and rear of car, they MUST stay behind body panels. There will be NO bars outside in front or back. You may use a rub bar on drivers and passengers side of body between front wheel and rear wheel, must stop four (4) inches before end of panel and be tapered on end. Must be flush against body panel, maximum thickness ¾ inch square or round tubing, must be capped on ends. There will be NO bars on front or rear of cars. Front and rear bumpers may be replaced with 0.95 1.5 inch tubing nothing larger, NO 2X3 square bumpers. May run 2 bars behind nose and tail piece, all cars must have a pickup chain or cable on front and rear of car.
5. All body panels must be steel and must match make, model and year of car being used. NO aluminum panels. Nose and tail piece must match make, model and use of car being used. NO late model or down force noses. NO open rear body panels, rear must be closed in.
6. RIDE HEIGHT: Minimum 5 inches front and rear, car must sit level side to side and front to rear. If using side skirt it must meet minimum ride height of five (5) inches.
7. May trim fender for tire clearance.
8. May remove front inner fender well.
9. May hull hood and trunk lid. NO holes cut in hood for breather to stick out of.
10. Roof must be stock for make, model and year and in stock position. NO hulling of roof.
11. Rear of trunk is to be sealed from driver compartment.
12. NO X bracing and NO under slung chassis.
13. May tie unibody together with box tubing not to exceed 10 inches of overlap on either end.
14. There will be NO sharp edges on body or bumpers.
14A. NO closed in driver compartments and all body panels must be steel.
15. FRONT SUSPENSION: Racing springs allowed, NON adjustable spring buckets allowed, all buckets must be welded in. May run 50/50 racing shocks in OEM stock location. Shocks must be steel, NON rebuildable, NO heim end shocks. NO take part shocks. NO adjustable shocks. NO aluminum shocks. NO schrader valve shocks. If using a sway bar it must be in OEM stock location, must be stock size for make, model and year and must have stock length end links. Bushings may be polyurethane.
15A. May use steering quickner.
16. Must be stock OEM spindles, OEM upper control arms for make, model and year of car being used.
17. TIE ROD ENDS: Center link, pitman arm and idler arm must be OEM stock for make, model and year of car being used.
18. REAREND: Stock for make, model and year of car being used. This means ford for ford, chevy for chevy, etc. Must be welded or mini spool, NO open rear ends, may use c-clip eliminator.
19. REAR SUSPENSION: Racing springs allowed, non adjustable buckets allowed. All buckets must be welded in. May run 50/50 racing shocks in OEM stock location. Shocks must be steel NON rebuildable. NO heim ends, NO take apart shocks, NO adjustable shocks, NO aluminum shocks, NO schrader valve shocks. May run shock extension on LR only. Leaf spring cars can run shackles not to exceed 8 inches in length. Spring must be in same hole on each side and must be same distance from top hole on both sides. Leaf spring car can run a maximum of a two (2) inch lowering block but must be the same size on both sides and nonadjustable. NO chaining down suspension or tying it down in any form.
19A. REAR LEAF SPRING CARS: MUST have same amount of springs left and right side. MUST be same length front to rear, centered on rear end housing. ALL leafs must be same length. Example LR 2nd spring from top 18” same for RR.Example LR 3rd spring from top 24” same for RR.
20. Rear upper arms on rear end may be slotted up to ½ inch to obtain pinion angle, NO TOLERANCE.
21. All rear pickup points and trailing arms must be OEM factory stock for make, model and car being used. May use polyurethane bushings.
22. Leaf spring cars may use shackles in any hole.

C. BRAKES: Must be factory brakes for make, model and year of car being used. NO right front shut off, NO larger caliper on RF. Front calipers must be stock for make, model and year of car being used. May remove proportioning valve, may remove brake booster if not being used. Cars will have brake pressures checked on a random basis. NO aftermarket brake peddles or master cylinders, must retain stock master cylinder.

D. ENGINE: Engine must sit in factory stock location.
1. Chevy 350- NO 400 blocks, NO 327 blocks. Block may be 1 or 2 piece rear main seal. NO after market blocks. NO stroking or destroking. May be 2 or 4 bolt main. NO crate motors.
2. PISTONS: up to 0.60 + 0.10 with wear, 2 eye brow or 4 eye brow. Must have full stock skirt. NO short skirt piston. Must be OEM stock wrist pin height. NO lite weight wrist pins, NO lite weight pistons. May be floated pin. Piston must not protrude above cylinder deck surface. Piston must be stock appearing.
3. CRANKSHAFT: OEM stock may use scat or eagle replacement. Cast or forged, minimum weight 48 LBS NO tolerance. 3.48 stroke, NO knife edge, may balance. NO grinding on any part of crankshaft. Must have a legible part number, if there is NO part it will be deemed illegal.
4. CONNECTING RODS: Must be stock appearing, may be floated, may use ARP stock OEM type rod bolts. OEM stock diameter bolts and nuts. May use scat or eagle stock replacement rods. NO polished rods, NO aluminum rods. NO H beams.
5. PISTON AND ROD MINIMUM WEIGHT with rings, wrist pin and bearing insert 1194 grams. There will be NO tolerance. Remember this is a wear part.
6. NO grinding on any internal or external part or block.
7. HEADS: Any open chamber OEM factory production head. NO vortec heads, NO high performance heads, NO angle plug heads. Minimum 72cc NO tolerance. Maximum valve size 194/150. Maximum 3 angle valve cuts. Valve may be OEM stock step down, NO neck down valves, NO lite weight valves. When valve is closed the part that is in the guide must be a minimum of 11/32 of an inch. May use stainless steel valve, may use screw in studs, OEM diameter 3/8 inch only. May pin studs, may use guide plates, may use poly locks. NO stud girdle, NO oil shields on top of valve train. Maximum valve spring 1.250, NO bee hive springs, NO angle milling, NO wedge or taper springs, NO porting, NO gasket matching. Absolutely un touch accept for what is specified in the rules.
8. ROCKER ARMS: 1.5 ratio stamped steel only. NO other ratio, NO roller tip, NO roller.
9. PUSH RODS: OEM factory stock length only.
10. Head gasket minimum thickness after crush 0.40. NO steel shim head gaskets.
11. CAMSHAFT: 390/410 lift hydraulic, NO anti pump up lifters, NO solid lifter. Must be stock OEM diameter lifters.
12. Harmonic balancer must be cast or ductile steel with elastomer bonded insert. Minimum diameter 6.75 inches, NO fluid dampers or solid steel balancers, NO 2 piece balancers.
13. INTAKE: Must be cast iron OEM stock 2 or 4 barrel. NO bowtie, NO marine, NO aluminum.
14. DISTRIBUTOR: OEM factory stock may lock advance, may recurve distributor, NO hot coils, NO aftermarket modules, NO printed circuit boards.
15. Engine options: Pulleys, solid motor mounts, after market power steering pump, fuel pump maximum fuel pressure 7 pounds.
16. EXHAUST MANIFOLDS: Stock cast iron only. Must be log type, NO center dumps, NO LT1, NO LS1, NO stainless steel, NO OEM headers, NO headers. Exhaust pipes must exit behind driver and maximum diameter 2.5 inch pipes.

1. 4 barrel Q-Jet side load only. Must retain stock air horn. May remove choke plate and shaft, may change jets. NO other modifications at all.
2. 4412 Holly- Must retain stock air horn. May remove choke plate and shaft, may change power valve, may change jets. NO high performance metering block, NO billet metering blocks, NO billet base plates.
3. ADAPTER PLATE: Mr. Gasket ONLY. NO phenolic, NO wood, NO adjustable. Must not be polished or ground on. If carburetor bolts directly to intake maximum gasket thickness is 5/16 inch.
4. Carburetor spacers will NOT be allowed.
5. No cold air boxes and NO holes in hood for breather to stick thru.
6. May run aftermarket breather, must have steel top. NO breather type tops.

1. Must be OEM factory stock, 3 or 4 speed must have all gears working. NO lightning or transmission internal components.
2. May use Z 28 flywheel 10.5 inch, flywheel must be cast steel. May use solid hub clutch disc, clutch disc must be 360 of material on both sides of disc, must be stock clutch cover. NO puck, finger or paddle clutch discs. Clutch, disc and cover must be a minimum 35 pounds NO tolerance. This will include flywheel bolts and cover bolts. Does not include release bearing assembly. NO lite weight clutch covers.
3. Cars that did not come with a standard transmission can use a hydraulic clutch peddle only. Brakes must retain OEM stock master cylinder and stock peddle assembly.

1A. You can run a 10" RF RC4 with DOT tires on the other 3 corners.
1B. You can run all 4 hoosiers A,D,H OR MEDIUMS 26.5 or 27.5
2. You can not run a 10" RF with hoosiers on the other three (3) corners its either option 1A or 1B.

H. WEIGHT: Minimum 3200 pounds after race with driver

Above all options have been stated, anything else will result in a disqualification from that nights event. NO POINTS, NO PAYOUT.

In the event the car sustains major frame damage please consult technical director to determine if it can be repaired to still be within the Pure Stock division rules.


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